Five Money-Saving Advantages of Hiring a Miami Virtual Office

Virtual offices have literally taken the world by storm, especially because they make doing business so much easier for small companies and start-ups. At a fraction of the cost of maintaining an office of your own, you can have access to all the essential features that make running and marketing your company that much simpler. If you are thinking of renting a Miami virtual office, here are five major advantages that shouldn’t go unnoticed:

1. You Get a Prime Business Address
Location is everything in business, but unfortunately for small businesses and start-ups, it’s generally impossible because it’s so expensive. By renting a virtual office, you get a prime address to direct clients and potential customers to, that will reflect your brand in a positive and progressive way, at a significantly lower cost than if you took rental of a full space out.

2. Make Things Run Efficiently With Outsourced Admin Services
You might not be able to afford the services of a secretary or full time assistant ordinarily, but with a virtual office and the invoice template generator tool, you can ensure your clients get professional services whenever they need them. Your mail will be collected, managed and forwarded to any location in the world and you can get assistance with admin jobs like emailing and scanning that just take up too much of your valuable time, without having to employ someone.

3. Impress Customers with Meeting Rooms and Superior Offices
By taking out a virtual office you get immediate access to high class conference and meeting rooms to ensure you liaise with clients in style. Rent meeting rooms for your sales team or put together a training package for your team members without having to pay exorbitant once-off rentals and going to the trouble of finding different venues.

4. Get an Exclusive Phone Number
In order to do business you need to be accessible by telephone as well as email, and getting a dedicated phone number is one sure way that your customers will remember how to reach you. With a virtual office, you can take advantage of this service without having to rely on people remembering your mobile number.

5. Get Professional Reception Services
Customers’ first impressions are generated in a split second, and you need to ensure your first impression is lasting and positive. Make use of a professional receptionist to greet and impress clients, with the assurance that your business needs are being taken care of in the best possible way.

Poker and entrepreneurship have both been long-time companions in my life. Starting my first business at the age of 15, I had an earlier start in entrepreneurship than most. Many of the hard lessons I learned from my early experiences helped to build me as a strong poker player — and even stronger entrepreneur.

When I’m sitting in a poker tournament for 12 hours straight, trying to read the other players around the table, I am often reminded of being locked in the office with a group of executives hashing out the details of a big deal. I end up finding myself using a lot of the same skill sets in both situations — trying to call bluffs, anticipating moves and playing my cards perfectly without giving away my hand.

Here are four ways playing poker can help you in business, and two ways it cannot.

Learn to calculate risk.

In poker and business you are constantly measuring potential gain and loss and deciding when to take risks. Both involve quick math, assessments and instinct.

The all-in decision is exciting, because it represents the ultimate risk — losing everything. But smart players, like smart entrepreneurs, only take that risk when the odds are deeply in their favor. Otherwise, you’re just an adrenalin junkie, and your losses will start to mount up.

Learn endurance and deal with pressure.

Everything about a poker tournament teaches you endurance and how to deal with pressure. Poker tournaments start out with large groups of players. After several days of play, more and more players drop out and one person comes out victorious.

In the same respect, hundreds of startups are founded every day by hopeful entrepreneurs. The ones that become successful are run by CEOs who are willing to work non-stop for days, knowing the potential for big gain comes with the harsh truth that you may lose it all. Lose your focus, and you could lose your company.

But poker isn’t a game of chance. Sure, one person out of hundreds or thousands will win a poker tournament, but the odds of growing a startup into a successful business aren’t much better. Out of 1,000 startups, only a few are going to flourish.

Poker can make you a better boss.

Businesses succeed when you inspire different types of people to work together toward the same vision. Sounds easy, right? Wrong.The reality is complicated. Business communication is a learned skill and involves a surprising amount of psychology.

Successful poker players learn very quickly to adapt to the people at the table. Not only do you need to be able to read people out of the gate, but you need to track their behaviors to notice patterns and predict how they are going to react to the actions of others. This skill set translates well in an office setting. Pkv Games have the best online poker tables.

Poker players are always selling.

Poker players are constantly looking to sell. We have to quickly evaluate the hand we’ve been dealt, what other people at the table want and what the others are prepared to hear. Business requires the same brain exercise. If you’ve done your homework, you and the person you are negotiating with are both there to play the same game with the hope of walking away satisfied.

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