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– Best City in Florida for Business Start-ups by BusinessWeek.
– Named #2 of America’s Top 25 towns to live well for its cultural amenities, pro-business environments, and highly educated workforce by
– Awarded Playful City USA 2010-2014.
– Awarded Tree City USA 2008-2013.
– Recognized for Performance Management Success by ICMA Center for Performance Measures.
– City of Doral Ranks 51st in Top 100 Places to Live and Launch a Business in the United – States by
– Named the Third Best Place in the USA to Retire
by US News & World Report.
– 96.4% of residents would recommend Doral as a place to live and work
and 95.6% rated the quality of life as good/excellence.

Take advantage of all these and start your virtual office in Doral Miami Florida.

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City of Doral – Miami, Florida

Is a Virtual Office Right for your Business?

Many businesses are using virtual office space to reduce overhead costs and have a professional image. There are many reasons why this type of outsourced service makes sense but financial considerations are often part of this. Virtual Offices are used by many companies but are especially useful to those downsizing, just starting out or expanding from a home office. Virtual Offices allow people to be located anywhere geographically but have a presence in a designated area.

Quite a few of these virtual office services have a real mailing address for the client to use. Usually located in a prestigious area of the country or well-recognized city. This gives the client the look of a well-established company in a good area. Unlike small companies that operate out of a post office box, having a physical address can make clients and customers more at ease when first dealing with the company.

The business can have its mail sent to the virtual offices and then forwarded or scanned and emailed. Some companies charge extra for this service while others include it in the package. It is also possible for clients to pick up mail if they are local to the area.

Some services also include a local and toll free phone number, call forwarding and live answering services. One of the benefits to using this type of service is the option of having a live operator answer phone calls in your company’s name. People can often obtain services that include Spanish-speaking services if needed. This ensures that clients and customers receive service from a real person instead of having to rely on a phone answering system or auto-attendant. The virtual office services receptionist can screen calls, transfer calls or take messages as needed. It is also possible to have the receptionist announce the caller before it is received. Live answering and auto attendant telephone systems can be configured to provide a range of custom greetings and messages. These can be ones that let the caller know that the office is closed, the person is unavailable or will be out of the office for a specific time period.

Using a virtual office is a cost effective way to appear professional in the eyes of clients. This service costs a fraction of what it would to open a physical office or hire a full-time staff. Virtual Offices allow people to appear well established when in fact they may be residing in another country, city or only working part time. Businesses receive a range of products in these services. There are no requirements to run ads for staff members, conduct interviews, obtain drug tests or pay hourly wages. For these reasons virtual office space is becoming a more popular option for businesses.

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Live answering services Miami Florida

The Future of the Workplace – Virtual Offices (ABC News)

Now days, to run a successful business there is no need to commute  to office every day, have a corporate headquarters or even have a physical office at all. Having a good mailbox company and virtual office gives you the tools you need to work from home, from another city or even another country while keeping a professional image and having a staff that handles your mail and forwards your calls anywhere in the world. If you need an office or conference room to meet with clients, reserve it like a hotel room; by phone or online.


Choosing a virtual office vs traditional leased office space? Technology has made it possible to start your business at home and run it online. Entrepreneurs often take advantage of the ability to work from a ‘virtual office,’ which could be your home, a quiet park or library, or rented office space at a coworking agency.

It certainly costs less to work from a virtual office vs. a traditional office space with all its Office Equipment. Without the added cost of leasing commercial property, you can concentrate your finances where you need them most, on better benefits for your employers or better quality office supplies, like french paper, using quality supplies will surely impact on your employees performance in a positive way. And if a virtual office seems right for you now but you suspect you’ll want to move into a physical location down the road, it’s a great way to save some money while you work on growing your business. Then, when the time comes to move into a physical location, you’ll be ready! If you are looking for good quality supplies for your personal office or estudio. Here’s a list of some of my favorite bullet journal pens to use.


You simply pay what you use and what you need. No overhead costs, utilities or employees. Check out this great video from ABC News.

4 Tips On Picking Out a Great Virtual Office

A business that requires the use of a virtual office can benefit from these facilities in a wide variety of ways, but it is imperative that they opt for the right one, or they could end up regretting their decision to “relocate” to that space. This type of office might not actually be a space in which a business is run, but it does allow professionals the chance to have somewhere to hold meetings, have clients call in and generally appear to be a well run company, which is why it is to choose the right one. Take a look at these 4 tips on picking out a great virtual office:

1.    List Your Requirements

It is generally a good idea for a professional to outline everything that they need in a virtual office before they start going through their options and determining which one suits their needs best. Live answering services, mail receiving and forwarding are some of the basic features of this type of space, but professionals can also choose to have access to offices and conference rooms available when they require it, and it is the added extras that will make one virtual office much more efficient and appealing than another.

2.    Will It Represent Your Business Well?

Any office represents the face or image of a business, and even a virtual space has an effect on the overall image of a company. When clients call, will the phone be answered by a receptionist that is both courteous and professional? If they visit the office, will they find it clean and respectable? All of these facets can play a role in determining how clients, investors and potential business partners view your company, which is why they are worth considering. Did you know that you can also use a different address for your business? This done with a virtual office service and there are some great ones available online like this great London virtual office service so have a look into those if you’d like to keep your personal address private.

3.    Is It Affordable?

It is not always a good idea to make a decision about your offices based solely on choice, but it is a good idea to shop around so that you can make up your mind about whether you are getting a fair deal. If a company is charging you a fortune for an answering service and a place to have your mail sent, don’t be afraid to look around to get a feel about the going rate; this should help you determine whether you are being taken advantage of or not. You should also keep in mind long term contracts, setup fees, activation fees and deposits. Most virtual offices have hidden fees.

4.    International Businesses Addresses

You can find these types of virtual offices just about everywhere in the world, and this gives people exciting opportunities to have some of the major cities around the globe displayed on their business addresses. The next time you are looking for virtual offices, be sure to have a good look around so that when you come across the perfect location, you can jump at the chance to sign for it.

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4 Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing a Virtual Office in Miami

Once you have set your sights on a great address for your new virtual office in Miami, you might be tempted to sign up for the office as quickly as possible, but this could end up being a big mistake. It is important to remember that these facilities differ greatly with what each one has to offer, and if you are looking for the right one, you need to be prepared to put in the time and effort, as well as to ask the right questions to locate it.

1. Do I have access to conference rooms and offices by the hour or day?

Some virtual offices do not have conference rooms or physical offices available, while others will reserve them only for a few select clients. Before signing for your own office, it might be a good idea to inquire about whether you can book the meeting room and/or offices by the hour or by the day. Remember, it is imperative to ask about how much notice you have to give before occupying the room; in some cases, you’ll have to plan ahead.

2. Who Will Answer The Phone?

Clients often enjoy hearing another person on the line when they call a business, instead of having to listen to menus and try and navigate their way around a sometimes complex directory. Before you sign for a virtual office in Miami, find out what type of answering service you are going to be benefiting from. Remember, receptionists don’t have to cost an arm and a leg to hire, especially when their services are being shared across a few different companies. It is important for your calls to be answered with the name of your business, and this will assure clients that they are actually speaking to someone employed by the company; this usually sounds very professional. You should also take into consideration your customers’ language. Some virtual offices also have bilingual live answering service to accommodate a wider variety of callers and potential clients.

3. Can You Park Onsite?

When clients visit the office, will they have to try and find a parking out in the street or is there a specific place designated for this? Is there an expensive charge for parking? Some of these prestigious address also come with expensive parking fees. It is important to keep in mind that the image of a business is often what allows the company to attract clients and begin building on its success within its field, and it all begins with the basics; something that might go a long way if it includes convenient and free parking.

4. Added Amenities

It is important to take note of everything included in the price, right down to the coffee that is available for you and your clients. Remember, hiring a virtual space such as this allows a business the chance to benefit from everything a normal office would offer without the associated costs, but it is important for individuals to pick out the right one, or they might not benefit at all.

Three reasons to use a Miami virtual office for your business

A Miami virtual office can make a small business seem more prosperous. For people that are just starting out or those that want to bring down overhead costs, this option can provide a lot of convenience at a reasonable price, since expenses are high when starting a business and find the right capital could be difficult explains Shravan Gupta expert on the subject. You can click here to find the right resources for this and your business.

Look professional to clients and customers

Many virtual offices are in prestigious areas of Miami, Florida and people that are familiar with the area will take this as a good sign. This encourages people to patronize the business and gives the business an air of stability. Having a real address instead of a post office box or a home address also tells clients that the company is legitimate and not something someone runs part time. Many of these services are housed in attractive buildings that telegraph the idea of success to clients.

Have access to professional grade features

One of the most valuable features about virtual offices in Miami Florida is that many of them include options to use fully furnished offices and equipped conference rooms by the hour or day. For anyone that needs to meet one-on-one with a client, this can be a perfect option. The conference areas are also helpful to anyone that needs to meet with a group, or is considering giving seminars for smaller groups. Many conference rooms also have white boards for presenting information as well as outlets that make it easy to display presentation software.

Having access to these kinds of areas gives clients a good impression when they meet with you. They are likely to be unaware that the office or conference room is not your permanent space. You will look better established and successful.

Have a secretary without any HR issues

Many business owners cannot afford a full time secretary to screen calls, forward calls, take messages or process and forward mail. Most virtual offices provide this kind of service at a fraction of the cost that people would pay if they hired someone to perform this task in house. Additionally, there are no ads to run to hire anyone, interviewing processes or background checks as well as no benefits or wages that need to be paid. As far as the client is concerned, this process is seamless. The secretary will answer the phone in your company’s name and forward only calls you authorize. People always prefer a human voice to a recording, this also helps to show that your company is professional and customer service focused.

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Offix Solutions Virtual Offices Headquarter in Miami, Florida

Three Features to look for in Virtual Office Services

The use of virtual office services is becoming more popular as people look for ways to own a business but in an economical manner. While there are some services that can duplicate some of the features that this kind of business service provides, most cannot do all of them. People that are considering using this service will want to look for specific features that add convenience. These services allow people to have the benefits of a physical address without paying a lease or mortgage payment on an office.

Find a place with a good address

These services are offered in a variety of different locations within the United States. These can range from prominent cities to places that are off the beaten path. The fact is that the more prestigious a location is, the better perception from the public for the business. No one wants their address to be Shoestring, Nebraska if there is a way to get Hollywood, California or Miami, Florida. A desirable location tells clients that the business is successful no matter what its actual size or circumstances.

Find someone to handle mail

Many virtual office services provide mail handling for clients. This allows mail and packages to be sent to the virtual address instead of the person’s home. Once received at the virtual business, these can be sent out as requested by the client. This helps to ensure continuity in services so the business customers see no disconnect between the virtual location and the actual physical location. It can also be helpful to find a source for emails and scanning services. Many companies offer these services at no extra charge. If you decide on a real office, check out’s blog post about VA home loans.

Access to conference rooms and offices

People that choose sources close to their physical address will want to find ones that offer the use of a conference room or offices. These are furnished so that clients have no reason to believe that the business is not actually located at the address. It gives business owners access to a place to meet with clients to discuss services, or negotiate or receive payments. This provides a safe place to meet and keep the details of the business meeting out of earshot of others that are not connected to the business dealings. This can be especially important for single women that need to meet new clients but it also is a better option for anyone that gets paid in cash or needs to collect a check for payment.

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Five Money-Saving Advantages of Hiring a Miami Virtual Office

Virtual offices have literally taken the world by storm, especially because they make doing business so much easier for small companies and start-ups. At a fraction of the cost of maintaining an office of your own, you can have access to all the essential features that make running and marketing your company that much simpler. If you are thinking of renting a Miami virtual office, here are five major advantages that shouldn’t go unnoticed:

1. You Get a Prime Business Address
Location is everything in business, but unfortunately for small businesses and start-ups, it’s generally impossible because it’s so expensive. By renting a virtual office, you get a prime address to direct clients and potential customers to, that will reflect your brand in a positive and progressive way, at a significantly lower cost than if you took rental of a full space out.

2. Make Things Run Efficiently With Outsourced Admin Services
You might not be able to afford the services of a secretary or full time assistant ordinarily, but with a virtual office and the invoice template generator tool, you can ensure your clients get professional services whenever they need them. Your mail will be collected, managed and forwarded to any location in the world and you can get assistance with admin jobs like emailing and scanning that just take up too much of your valuable time, without having to employ someone.

3. Impress Customers with Meeting Rooms and Superior Offices
By taking out a virtual office you get immediate access to high class conference and meeting rooms to ensure you liaise with clients in style. Rent meeting rooms for your sales team or put together a training package for your team members without having to pay exorbitant once-off rentals and going to the trouble of finding different venues.

4. Get an Exclusive Phone Number
In order to do business you need to be accessible by telephone as well as email, and getting a dedicated phone number is one sure way that your customers will remember how to reach you. With a virtual office, you can take advantage of this service without having to rely on people remembering your mobile number.

5. Get Professional Reception Services
Customers’ first impressions are generated in a split second, and you need to ensure your first impression is lasting and positive. Make use of a professional receptionist to greet and impress clients, with the assurance that your business needs are being taken care of in the best possible way.

Poker and entrepreneurship have both been long-time companions in my life. Starting my first business at the age of 15, I had an earlier start in entrepreneurship than most. Many of the hard lessons I learned from my early experiences helped to build me as a strong poker player — and even stronger entrepreneur.

When I’m sitting in a poker tournament for 12 hours straight, trying to read the other players around the table, I am often reminded of being locked in the office with a group of executives hashing out the details of a big deal. I end up finding myself using a lot of the same skill sets in both situations — trying to call bluffs, anticipating moves and playing my cards perfectly without giving away my hand.

Here are four ways playing poker can help you in business, and two ways it cannot.

Learn to calculate risk.

In poker and business you are constantly measuring potential gain and loss and deciding when to take risks. Both involve quick math, assessments and instinct.

The all-in decision is exciting, because it represents the ultimate risk — losing everything. But smart players, like smart entrepreneurs, only take that risk when the odds are deeply in their favor. Otherwise, you’re just an adrenalin junkie, and your losses will start to mount up.

Learn endurance and deal with pressure.

Everything about a poker tournament teaches you endurance and how to deal with pressure. Poker tournaments start out with large groups of players. After several days of play, more and more players drop out and one person comes out victorious.

In the same respect, hundreds of startups are founded every day by hopeful entrepreneurs. The ones that become successful are run by CEOs who are willing to work non-stop for days, knowing the potential for big gain comes with the harsh truth that you may lose it all. Lose your focus, and you could lose your company.

But poker isn’t a game of chance. Sure, one person out of hundreds or thousands will win a poker tournament, but the odds of growing a startup into a successful business aren’t much better. Out of 1,000 startups, only a few are going to flourish.

Poker can make you a better boss.

Businesses succeed when you inspire different types of people to work together toward the same vision. Sounds easy, right? Wrong.The reality is complicated. Business communication is a learned skill and involves a surprising amount of psychology.

Successful poker players learn very quickly to adapt to the people at the table. Not only do you need to be able to read people out of the gate, but you need to track their behaviors to notice patterns and predict how they are going to react to the actions of others. This skill set translates well in an office setting. Pkv Games have the best online poker tables.

Poker players are always selling.

Poker players are constantly looking to sell. We have to quickly evaluate the hand we’ve been dealt, what other people at the table want and what the others are prepared to hear. Business requires the same brain exercise. If you’ve done your homework, you and the person you are negotiating with are both there to play the same game with the hope of walking away satisfied.

How to Choose the Most Professional Virtual Office in Miami Florida

Choosing a virtual office can seem intimidating when you are looking for the best deal around because many of the packages are structured in a similar way. If you really want to ensure you get the best value for your money and project the most professional business image, you need to start looking at the finer details of what you are being offered, viz. the Call Center Script of the customer care service they are given should give you an insight on their quality of work. Having a virtual office in Miami Florida demands that you offer your clients something special and the kind of customer service they won’t get elsewhere. Here are our top tips on how you can get your virtual office to work for you:

1. Consider a Bilingual Receptionist
Yes you definitely need someone who speaks great business English, but it’s even better if you have a receptionist who speaks another major language as well, and of course, you should provide your receptionist with a Metal ballpoint retractable pen. Consider your target market and the clients and potential customers who need to get in touch with you so that you can ensure you speak the same language. Make sure the receptionist is fully fluent in both languages and that she is briefed with all the important information about your business to handle the calls professionally.

2. Go for Added Extras on Your Call Service
It’s great that you can get virtual office packages that feature a receptionist to take your business calls but you can also take the service a step further. This kind of service is only buycbdproducts helpful if the calls can be forwarded to anywhere in the world and to different departments or co-workers, to ensure the highest possible level of customer service and satisfaction. You also need to ask for a customized greeting for your business when you are unavailable, because the receptionist will not be working 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You also don’t want your callers to get through to a generic voice service and be confused about the greeting they hear, so make sure you can upload something personal and professional.

3. Think about Your Phone Number
Firstly, you need to request an exclusive telephone number that is related to your company services or company name. If you are trading globally, you will need an international number too, especially if you don’t want to cut yourself off from any potential clients. For an assurance that people will definitely call you, ask for a toll free number so that the cost of making the calls does not put people off of calling you.